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PJ Atherton

Founder & Owner

  • 6 Year Professional Career

  • Founder Atherton Hockey

  • Husband to Andrea and Father to Hudson

  • 2 time USHL All-Star

  • NCAA National Champion U of MN

  • 2002 NHL Draft Pick


PJ Atherton

PJ's Why

Having experienced both highs and lows throughout my playing career I have seen and felt the entire spectrum of emotion. Being cut from teams as a youth player to becoming a USHL All-Star and eventually achieving a life-long dream of becoming a Golden Gopher at the University of Minnesota has put me in a position to UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLES AND TRIUMPHS OF MOST PLAYERS.

After college I was lucky enough to pursue a professional career and there is nothing better than getting paid to play hockey. I was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2002 and I signed with their affiliate team in Springfield, MA following my senior season. This began a new set of ups and downs. I attended NHL training camps including Tampa and Detroit PLAYING ALONGSIDE SOME OF THE GREATEST PLAYERS IN THE HISTORY OF HOCKEY. I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE AROUND SOME OF THE BEST COACHES IN THE GAME including Mike Babcock, John Tortorella and Curt Fraser. The biggest thing that I learned is that the only thing that never changes is that things always change.

Through my playing career I never had a clear grasp on where I stood or how I was playing. I have created this company TO MAKE SURE NO OTHER PLAYER HAS THAT SAME FEELING EVER AGAIN.

Atherton Hockey is the company that I wished existed when I played, a company that is always on the side of the players. We will INSPIRE BOLD dreams and provide clear paths to achievement.

Relying on my experience and relentless research I aim to ensure that players have the chance to play this game longer and enjoy it more than I did.

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