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Mark Van Guilder

Director of Player Development

  • 13 Year Professional Career, 2008-2021

  • Joined Atherton Hockey in 2021

  • Most Points, Norway, 2017

  • NHL Debut with Nashville Predators, 2014

  • NCAA Team Captain & Frozen Four Appearance, University of Notre Dame, 2008


Mark Van Guilder

Mark's Why

Since I was a kid, I had a palpable love for the game of hockey and was determined to do anything in my power to become a better player.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to play in the USHL, at the University of Notre Dame, and professionally for 13 years. I believe I was able to play as long as I did because I did not lose my drive or my love for the game, and I constantly looked for ways to improve. However, after working alongside PJ, I am able to look back on my career and identify the missing piece that would have made me more effective:

individualized feedback focused on how to use and sharpen my own unique skill set to become a more efficient and productive player in every area of the game. 

I am excited to be part of a team that delivers that personal feedback because I recognize that same drive and passion for the game in the players we work with at Atherton Hockey. It is exciting to give players actionable feedback that will equip them with the tools they need to both see results now and to prepare to be players and people that can succeed at the next level.

My goal for our players is that they are able to enjoy playing this game for as long as possible, knowing that they are growing into the best players they can be.

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