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summer skills session


Give players ownership of their performance by giving them the necessary skills to solve the highly complex problems that they will face in each and every game.

We believe that “skill” is not simply a set of tools that players can develop outside of a game-like environment.  Instead, we view“skill” as the ability to apply tools in an ever-changing environment to effectively and efficiently find solutions.

We train in an environment that looks, feels and behaves like the game: re-creating the most critical moments of the game over and over and allowing players to find their own unique solutions to the ever-changing landscape of problems they face. 

Edina, MN

Limited 2024 small group skates for top-level performance coaching clients.


Contact for information.

Mequon, WI

June 10-Aug 7
Mon & Wed 8:45A-9:45A
Ozaukee Ice Center
Small group skates. Limited availability. 

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