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Off-Season Ownership Program Overview

own your Off-Season

A SystematicPlan of Attack

crafted with intention to point

Your MaximumEffort

with focus and efficiency towards

Key Areas ofYour Game

you know will make a difference on the ice

Is your off-season development based on hope?

Without focus, off-season becomes mostly about maintenance and “hoping” to improve.

Will your training make you a better player?

Without strategy, you may be working in a way or on things that hurt on-ice performance.

Are you using limited resources effectively?

Without a cohesive schedule, you might be doing more and getting less from your training.

We’ll find the unique areas of your game that matter most for your development.

We’ll provide you with an actionable roadmap of how to develop your game.

We will help you balance training efforts with effective recovery.

1:1 coaching sessions

with Atherton Hockey Coaching Team

roadmap to your success

Development Blueprint and Training Optimization Schedule pointing maximum effort to your development objectives. 

Custom Video analysis

Breakdown of your game with clear, actionable feedback +

analysis of comparable NHL player showing your targets in action

Preview NHL player analysis prepared by Atherton Hockey

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